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Cronicles of Knightmare...

Tales of despare, hardship, confussion and insanity

26 September
I'm Robin, I'm Belgian and I'm a hardcorehead/Gabber.
Been so for a while now and I don't think it'll change any time soon. I ain't closed minded though, i listen to other music aswel and apreciate input form different subcultures, it fascinates me. I try to be tollerant to all but being a lefty and all I really hate shit like racism, fascism, discrimination, far-right politics, xenophobia and stuff like that.
I also detest religous fanaticism and with this I'm not nececairily just talking Islam and stuff but more like puritan hardcore christians or protestants and stuff.
Don't get me wrong, u wanna believe in God or whoever/whatever then that's fine by me (I'm sort of a Deïst so i can't say there ain't anything out there) but if u try to cnvert everyone that doesn't agree or immediately dcide that they're hellspawn then plz go f*ck yourself.

there, if there is anything else u wanna know, just ask.